Early medieval headwear

Don’t be fooled by this simple cone-shape cap. The brave Slavic or Viking warrior wears it. So… be careful what you say.

You can always say same compliments about his/her nice cap for instance. You can ask him/her where did he/she shoot this lovely furry creature. Or what does it mean this precise, silk embroidery at the front of his/her cap. But do not expect the answer unless… you give him/her some mead!



However, if you don’t like mead or annoying folks, you can order just a simple cap, without fur or embroidery as well.

Models based on images from the book by Maria Gutkowska-Rychlewska “The history of costume” (“Historia ubiorów”), Ossolineum 1968.






Slavic male headwear: “a-i” 11-12th c; “j-ł” 13-14th c, M. Gutkowska-Rychlewska